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This website is here to assist in you in your own journey of personal development. I am leaving the UK in early 2014 to begin my adventures in Asia; where I'll be travelling overland, living out of a backpack, and challenging myself to make a genuine contribution to humanity.

The idea behind everything written here is to help us both on our journey to fulfilling the potential for greatness we have as human beings. This includes the discovery of self, personal development, our interpretation of the world around us and my own journey; where you can learn of the hardships and triumphs encountered as I travel around the world, doing my best to make a difference. 

As well as free personal development resources, you will find a wide range of travel articles too. From money saving tips for backpackers, to overcoming culture shock and reasons why, if you've never thought about backpacking before - you should!

I don't pretend to hold all the answers or have quick and easy solutions to the problems of our world. I decided to be the difference I wanted to see, and to motivate and empower others too. 

Welcome to the site.

The most important decision

Just think, out of every single person on this planet, and every single webpage on the internet - you're here. I'm here too. We are here, together. That in itself is proof enough that you're a seeker, that you're looking for something. Financial abundance? Happiness? Freedom? Self belief? Power over yourself? Well, I can't give you any of those things - but I can show you how to achieve them.

Travel, or rather backpacking, is the medium through which I explore all of those things. Being in a new place, alone and isolated from friends and loved ones is a situation where personal growth happens. You can take control of the situation (and thereby your direction in life) by stepping up to grasp your situation with both hands, or you can curl up into a ball and wait for the decision to make itself.

The trouble with not making this decision is: it will be made for you.

Life will pass by, no matter what you decide. You might as well become a free, courageous, conscious and empowered human being during this time, and enjoy every moment you've been gifted with. Realize that the only thing on this planet that can hold you back from your dreams are the self-imposed restrictions in your mind. 

Realize tomorrow begins today.

Step up, and be the change you want to see. 

What is personal development?

Personal development is a subject as diverse as the people who adhere to it. Broadly speaking, it is a conscious decision to improve yourself physically or mentally, with the ultimate goal of enhancing your quality of life. 

Think of it as a very personal form of evolution - that you have total control over. Personal development is about taking positive action to improve yourself and the situation you're in. From small things such as getting up straight away when your alarm goes off, to recognizing and removing disempowering aspects of your life - the job you hate, a bad relationship, low self confidence, ect. 

Personal development is about taking responsibility for yourself. Your health, relationships, financial situation, failures and dreams. Every setback will become an opportunity for personal growth; and there is no stronger mentality for success than that. Nothing can stop you achieving your dreams when every setback becomes another chance to better yourself.  

There is a generally accepted opinion that travel is a fantastic way of learning about yourself as much as other people and cultures. I strongly believe that this opportunity will allow for accelerated personal growth, and it is my intention to use that growth to help others achieve their potential.

Why choose backpacking?

The travel industry is doing its best to make people feel that going on vacation should be a once or twice yearly occasion. I dispute this wholeheartedly - and intend to prove otherwise. The entire point of international travel is moving from one place to another and enjoying the differences of geography and culture. That's the bare bones of it, and you don't need to pay extra for room service and marble floors to appreciate that.

Personally, I have always been fascinated by different cultures and people - especially ones removed from European standards of normality. It's not always easy to accept another culture and I can't pretend it's always sunshine and butterflies - but in my opinion, it's one step up from sitting in an office for the next forty years.

People that can't grasp that tell me that I should stop running away, or that I should buy a house and get a normal job... What even is normality anyway, apart from a set of restrictions put in place by some of the people for all of the people? Sad to say, the shoe doesn't fit every foot. I can think of more than a few reasons why being normal is bad for you, and here are four good ones

Backpacking is unlike any other method of journeying through foreign lands, because it gives you the ability to get truly hands on and immersed in a different culture. A lot of people see it as an extended holiday, but it's so much more than that. It's about encouraging responsibility, self reliance and expanding your comfort zone, by opening your mind to situations you'd never be exposed to back at home.

In one of my earliest childhood memories, I remember asking an elderly gentleman what he was most scared of. This was his answer:

"My biggest worry is death, my boy. I'm not scared of dying. I'm scared that I'll be lying there in my bed, and the man I could have been walks through the door."

I wouldn't come to truly understand the significance of his words for another decade, but the memory has stuck with me. We get one shot at life, so why spend it doing things we don't want to do, or waiting for the right moment?  Let me tell you from experience, the right moment is an excuse, and it'll never come unless you make it happen. For me, that was booking a one way ticket to Bangkok in 2013, before I'd even sorted out a backpack. Waiting for the right moment is just a pipe dream, and a dangerous one at that.

Where to start

A great place to start is by reading my article on self discovery, which can help you to determine the things that matter to you, and the core aspects of your personality. After that, feel free to check out the green column on the right - which is where you'll find more free personal development resources, articles for new and old members of the backpacking family, and other non-travel but life-enriching things such as how to make money without a job. You'll also find my picture gallery, where a few of my favorite pictures that I've taken whilst backpacking are displayed.

Below this point, you'll find a social media box, (please feel free to 'like' this site on any of the social media buttons below as every click really does make a difference) and a section where articles I've recently written are highlighted. Comments are now available at the bottom of all relevant pages, as well as recommended articles.

So, that's pretty much it as far as the site goes. I'll usually be uploading new content on a weekly basis or editing things behind the scenes to make the site more friendly for all viewing platforms. 

Join me on the single biggest challenge I have ever undertaken as I travel around the world; helping others where I can and challenging myself to question my established views where I can’t. I am going on a journey of personal development  to see the best and worst of humanity, and to grow and mature as a proud member of the human race. 

Please take a moment to 'like' what I write on social media. Thank you!

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